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I heard on EW Live that you have Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Owen. Spill! — Peggy

Yes, as part of the big Shondaland issue, hitting stands Friday, we have teases on all 33 series regulars across the three shows. Here’s our Owen tease: While Owen and Amelia are still “circling each other,” Shonda Rhimes says, “Owen’s going to find himself moving in with somebody that he had not planned to.” Guesses on his new roomie go in the comments section!

Bonnie for How to Get Away with Murder #EWTGIT — Tony

Get ready for the origin story of one of the most dysfunctional relationships in Shondaland! “We’re going to find out more about how Bonnie and Annalise know each other,” showrunner Pete Nowalk says.

I love me some Jake Ballard #EWTGIT #Scandal — Leanne

In the wake of Olivia choosing Fitz, “Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything,” Shonda Rhimes teases ominously. Don’t forget to pick up this week’s Shondaland issue on Friday for even more TGIT scoop! Now back to your regularly scheduled Spoiler Room …

I’m very excited about The Originals season 3, especially about Elijah. I wanna know what is going on with him. — Marissa

Much like his siblings, he’s going to find himself in the middle of a war. “Each of [The Trinity] come knocking on our heroes’ doors saying, ‘There’s a sire line war in progress amongst all of us and if anyone decides to take you out, I go along with you, so it’s in my best interest to protect you and to try to prevent anybody else from bringing our line any harm,'” says EP Julie Plec. “Of course, it’s really impossible to tell who’s being truthful and who’s not.”

Any new faces coming to Once Upon a Time? — lilslim

Yes, and the newbie has a connection to Henry. “We’re going to meet Henry’s very first crush,” says EP Edward Kitsis. Since Kitsis also notes that Camelot is a place of love, I’m guessing his crush will hail from there, but TPTB are keeping tight-lipped. “It’s a character that we’re going to meet and we want it to be a surprise,” adds EP Adam Horowitz. “It’s fun to give Henry something new to play and deal with, and to really explore Henry as a boy who’s growing up and all the joy and pain of adolescence.”

Do you know what’s going on with Jenny and Abbie this season on Sleepy Hollow? — Mary

I hear Jenny and Abbie start this season off in a strong and supportive place, but then a decision to pursue their childhood past brings them to a crossroads.

If Sarah Carter is playing a love interest for McGarett on Hawaii Five-0, what does that mean for Catherine? — Kendra

“It’s complicated,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says of McGarett and Catherine’s current status. “There’s a huge turn in their relationship that comes very early in the season and it’s going to change everything.” That huge turn? The new promo teases that McGarett is planning to pop the question to Catherine, but I hear the character’s only sticking around for three episodes, so make of that what you will.

Will Burgess and Ruzek get married on Chicago P.D. this season? — Sarah

Not so fast. Ruzek clearly rushed into this proposal. “What Burgess begins to realize is … as opposed to really wanting to get married, he’s getting a buzz off being engaged,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “People buy you drinks, you get the attention, but when it comes to actually picking out the font for the save-the-date cards, he’s not that interested.”

Is there anything you can tease about the NCIS-NCIS: LA crossover? — Harold

Slated to air Monday, Oct. 19, Tony DiNozzo’s trip to Los Angeles will be quite comedic, according to Michael Weatherly. “There’s a hilarious conceit for my presence which is that this guy who is a witness to some scurrilous wrongdoing is being brought back from Singapore,” the actor tells me. “He disappears and we have to find him in L.A. He keeps disappearing.”

I liked the Scream finale, but I feel like Piper’s big secret reveal before she got shot was going to be, “Brandon James is still alive.” — K.P.

Since she seemed so peeved over her father’s death, I have to disagree with you. However, I feel like Brandon James didn’t actually kill all those people in the past. “I will not answer,” EP Jill Blotevogel replied when I posed that theory. Along those lines, I also asked whether we’d see Emma’s father again. “We hope to explore that story,” she says. “We’d like to see Kevin Duval [Tom Everett Scott] come back and be part of season 2.” And the real kicker: I asked if those two questions are more connected than we realize — like if Kevin is actually to blame. “I cannot comment.” Dun. Dun. Duuuuuun.

Best news I’ve heard all week: So much Shondaland love.

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