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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events on Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with the first vote last night. Steve and Johnny actually had a chance to split up the twins and did NOT do it. How can that be? Please explain this to me, Julie, because I got nothing.

JULIE CHEN: Steve chickened out is the bottom line. He looks to Vanessa as a mother figure and she is controlling him. Vanessa really made the big mistake in not using this opportunity to convince Steve and John to vote out Julia and make them think it was their idea. John was just going to do whatever Steve decided so Steve messed up here. Ridiculous and dumb.

Austin and Vanessa were instrumental in keeping Liz in the game early in the season so they could get another vote in the house with her twin Julia. Could that prove to ultimately be their undoing?

If Vanessa and Austin don’t wake up and smell the espresso and target the twins, it WILL cost them this game. But Austin is smitten and he will never turn on Liz. Speaking of which, by the way, where the heck is Judas? We need him now! What happened to THAT guy?!?!?

You took James to task a little bit for coasting in terms of gameplay. Are you surprised he didn’t show a bit more fight in terms of strategy?

I am surprised James didn’t play harder. Especially since he played SO hard when he won HOH. But I think he’s just a laid back easygoing guy in life and he stayed true to his character.

Obviously we know anything can still happen, but who is in the best position to win at this point?

If Vanessa plays it right she can win and should win. That being said, this here is Big Brother — expect the unexpected.

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