In 1989’s When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan taught audiences men and women could be friends. In Sesame Street‘s parody of the romantic comedy, Cookie Monster and a friend (also named Sally) teach the same, as well as the valuable lesson of patience and good behavior — especially when it comes to waiting in lines.

In “When Cookie Met Sally,” the duo start off hating each other after enduring a torturous drive together. Cookie Monster is messy; Sally is not. Yet, when the two meet in “a famous deli in New York City,” Sally helps a famished Cookie Monster distract himself so he can wait in line instead of jumping ahead of the other customers at the counter. Once they get their food, they even sit together.

And yes, the iconic, er, noisy scene at the deli table does get parodied, but innocently so. Cookie and Sally enjoy dessert, so much that they attract the attention of another customer. “I’ll have what they’re having,” she says.

Watch the adorable take on the film above.


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