All ’90s kids know “Macarena.” They’ve heard it at barbecues, school dances, block parties … pretty much any all-ages party with a DJ who doesn’t want to be offensive (something similar will inevitably happen to younger millennials and “Gangnam Style”). Most of said ’90s kids, though, have probably only encountered “Macarena” (or as they know it, “the Macarena”) in such a setting, as an easy-to-mimic dance sequence with mostly Spanish lyrics. In fact, “Macarena” is not the name of a dance move, but rather a woman, one who loves her body and is a little bored with her boyfriend. Needless to say, a group of ’90s kids get quite a shock in a new YouTube video from Distractify Media, “90s Kids Lose Their Innocence When They Find Out What The Macarena Is Really About.”

That’s right ’90s kids, “Macarena” is not just a bunch of gibberish, as one of the video participants thought. There are lyrics, most of them in Spanish, and they tell the story of a free-spirited woman named Macarena. “Give happiness to your body, Macarena” is a rough translation of the first verse. The English parts involve Macarena daring men to dance with her, “and if you’re good I’ll take you home with me.” Later, she reveals that her boring boyfriend went out of town, so she had a threesome with his friends. Certainly makes you look back at that wholesome barbecue in a new light.

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