Remember that episode of The Walking Dead last season titled “What Happened and What’s Going On” where they brought Noah to Shirewilt Estates to find his family? That was a really freakin’ weird episode. There were flashbacks, flash-forwards, visions of dead people, Andrew Lincoln talking in his natural British accent over a radio — just a bizarre installment. (And a pretty damn cool one as well.)

While the show may never get as out there as that again, there are indications that the highest rated program on television will once again refuse to play it safe in season 6. We already know there will be flashbacks and more playing with time. Greg Nicotero also told EW that the premiere will pick up later in the middle of a big action sequence and then work backwards to catch us up on how we ended up there. Clearly showrunner Scott M. Gimple wants to keep viewers guessing.

We sat down with Michonne herself, Danai Gurira, to ask her what she makes of season 6 (which kicks off Oct. 11 on AMC). “It’s going to be very powerful and beautiful at the same time,” Gurira tells us. “It’s going to go into so many different components of very intense and then very rich in human moments as well, but like a deeply different roller coaster from last year. It’s definitely a roller coaster. The pace constantly changes up in terms of who you’re watching, what you’re watching, and where. But at the same time, it’s so unpredictable and so unique from anything we’ve ever done before. It’s just really, really amazing to read the scripts, and to do them has been really, really exciting.”

There are those words again: unpredictable and unique. We’ve been hearing them a lot. We’ll just have to wait until Oct. 11 to find out exactly what they mean. To see Gurira chatting about season 6 for yourself, click on the video at the top of the post. And for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.


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