Stephen Colbert is no stranger to the dark arts of campaign fundraising, having notoriously established his own super PAC that brought in more than $1 million back in 2011. But the Late Show host-elect doesn’t seem too keen on Jeb Bush’s attempt to cash in on his upcoming visit to Colbert’s new digs on Sept. 8.

Days after the Florida governor sent a letter to potential supporters of his presidential campaign raffling off a “VIP ticket” to the taping of Colbert’s first Late Show, Colbert has responded with a raffle of his own, the proceeds from which will benefit injured service members through the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Bush’s letter asked for a $3 donation to enter, with the winner receiving an all-expense-paid trip to New York as well as dinner with his national finance co-chair, Woody Johnson.

“I think [Bush’s] contest is a great idea,” Colbert said in a video announcement Wednesday. “But here’s the thing: No one from Jeb’s campaign asked me if this was OK with me to raise money off my first show. Where’s my cut of that sweet three bucks, Governor?”

As with Bush’s contest, Colbert’s costs $3 to enter. The winner will get not one, but two Late Show tickets; travel and hotel accommodations; and maybe even the chance to grab a muffin from the deli next door with the show’s lead production accountant.

Colbert added that the winner will get to submit one non-obscene question for Colbert to ask Bush on the air: “For example, one question might be, ‘Don’t you wish you’d consulted Stephen before launching your contest?’ “

See Colbert’s video below.

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