Jimmy Kimmel hit a nerve with some gamers — or rather, people who watch other people play video games — on Friday when he aired a sketch about a fake service that allows viewers to watch other people play video games. And on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host responded to the backlash.

Some people responded to the bit by calling Kimmel a “stupid fat boy,” “a stupid bearded gorilla,” and a “f—ing egg.” “I like eggs,” Kimmel joked. “I’m all right with that.”

Another YouTube commenter wrote, “So I guess watching football is dumb because I could be playing it instead. ..”

“Watching people play football is dumb,” Kimmel said. “I do it every Sunday. I know it’s dumb … but watching people play video games isn’t like watching people play football. It’s like watching people play fantasy football. It’s one more step removed from human activity.”

Kimmel ended his response by doling out some advice to the angry commenters: He recommended they “go outside and play” or at least “watch a video of someone going outside to play.” See the video below.

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