By Madison Vain
Updated August 31, 2015 at 01:06 PM EDT
Credit: Taylor Hanson

Recent high school grads-turned-indie pop-rock darlings, Hippo Campus made waves earlier this year with the release of their excellent EP Bashful Creatures, a spot performing on Conan, and a buzzy-worthy Lollapalooza set. This fall they’ll take it all one step further as they release another EP, South. Today, EW is excited to premiere one of its tracks, “The Halocline,” an atmospheric lament for shedding youth’s snake eyes.

It’s a slow, meticulous build, but it’s not terribly long before you’re lost in clashing drums and singer Jake Luppen’s rock growl. Introducing the track, Luppen says, “‘The Halocline’ literally means the illusion of oxygen in water typically seen by scuba divers in caves. We came across the concept right after we graduated high school and started the band. It serves as a metaphor for us that many of the things we were taught about the world growing up have been falsehoods. In a sense, it’s the idea to never take things at face value.”

Guitarist Nathan Stocker adds, “It’s the illusion of growing up, like, you don’t ever, really. It’s just all these things that happen that sort of signify adulthood, suddenly.”

Hear the track, which fans of TNT’s Falling Skies may recognize from the final scene of the show’s series finale that aired Sunday.

South is due out Oct. 2, and they previously shared its breezy title track.

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