By Nick Romano
Updated August 30, 2015 at 07:17 PM EDT
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has already featured a number of A-list talent on stage during her “1989” tour, but her performances could’ve been made even brighter by Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

During an interview with Gay Star News, McKellen said, “[Taylor] did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in L.A., but I had something else to do that night.”

Swift took over the Staples Center with a number of celebrity guests last week. Joining her on stage were Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Ellen DeGeneres, Uzo Aduba, Lisa Kudrow, Kobe Bryant, and more.

Earlier this month, Stewart told PEOPLE he was hoping to connect with Swift when she hit up the City of Angels. “I mean, Ian [McKellen] and I are in the squad now, so right on!”

The dynamic duo were inducted into Swift’s squad after they were film reciting the lyrics to her hits “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space.” After tweeting to the singer and asking to join, she responded, “You’ve made my day. You two are ULTIMATE Squad Goals.”

Even before their new friendship, McKellen had a brief connection with Swift. The Lord of the Rings star told Gay Star News that the singer purchased director Peter Jackson’s apartment while he was staying there for free, forcing him to vacate. Fortunately, it seems the actor was able to “Shake It Off.”

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