Miley Cyrus, edgy dresser extraordinaire, met her sartorial match with sassy great-grandma Baddie Winkle backstage before the MTV VMAs. The singer and host of the awards show posted Instagram videos and photos of her encounter with the Internet sensation.

”You make me feel underdressed,” Cyrus remarked to the 87-year-old eccentric dresser from Kentucky. “I’m usually underdressed, though.”

Baddie Winkle, born Helen Ruth Van Winkle, became famous after one of her great-granddaughters, Kennedy Lewis, helped her make a Twitter account. After posting a photo of Winkle wearing Lewis’ clothes, she started raking in followers, including Rihanna. Now, Winkle boasts more than 1.2 million Instagram followers and more than 222,000 Twitter followers.

So, while Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are becoming fast BFFs, Baddie Winkle and Cyrus are now soul sisters. “Me and Baddie actually have very similar tastes,” Cyrus said. “We probably shop at a lot of the same stores, actually.”

Check out photos and video of this incredible gathering below.

The VMAs premiere Sunday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.