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August 29, 2015 at 01:54 PM EDT
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In a world where Harry Potter and Daniel LaRusso can be considered villains, is the Joker actually a hero? That’s the suggestion from Reddit user generalzee, who wrote an 829-word piece explaining how Heath Ledger’s iconic Dark Knight baddie was actually the hero of the film. He helped turn a city that was overrun by crime and chaos into a more peaceful place by uniting its citizens and removing the element of vigilante justice employed by Batman. Here’s generalzee:

Entire sections of the city were closed off due to madness, organized crime ran rampant, and the majority of important city officials were wildly corrupt. The city even tolerated a renegade vigilante who ran around wearing a rubber suit (Okay, special armor and carbon fiber, but they don’t know that).

Along comes the Joker and by the end of a very short time, almost all organized crime was eliminated, many corrupt officials were imprisoned or dead, and the city’s Vigilante even went into hiding for 8 years. This was all part of Joker’s masterfully executed plan.

This isn’t the first time a fan theory tried to suggest one of the villains in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy of films was actually working on the side of good. Back in November, another Reddit user posited that Bane was trying to help Gotham through his series of coordinated terror attacks by bringing Batman out of retirement. “It’s sort of much more dramatic version of they dynamic between Sacha Baron-Cohen and Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights (sorry to go there),” Redditor ciociosanvstar wrote. “Bane wants to be beaten, and he’ll set up circumstances to bring about that end, but he isn’t just going to let it happen, it has to be real.”

For the full theory about the Joker, head to Reddit.

[h/t Uproxx]

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