Credit: Comedy Central/Amy Schumer

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer’s summer of BFF-ness continues. The pair vacationed together, announced they were co-writing a screenplay with each other, and now have danced on top of Billy Joel’s piano. (This is still real life, p.s.)

During the Piano Man’s show at Chicago’s Wrigley Field on Thursday night, the pair came out on stage for “Uptown Girl,” did the can-can with Schumer’s sister Kim Caramele and Inside Amy Schumer writer Kyle Dunnigan, and basically lived their best life. Lawrence even licked Schumer’s feet.

“Uptown Girl” is an important song of the summer for Schumer: the Joel track features prominently in Trainwreck, and Schumer performs an entire dance routine to “Uptown Girl” at the film’s conclusion.

See footage of the Schumer-Lawrence moment of everyone’s dreams via Red Eye Chicago below.