By Dana Rose Falcone
August 28, 2015 at 10:14 PM EDT
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

This fall, Ellen Page will play Stacie Andree in Peter Sollet’s Freeheld, the story about a lesbian couple who challenge domestic-partner rights after one of them is diagnosed with lung cancer.

Delighted to be bringing Stacie and partner Laurel Hester’s (played by Julianne Moore) struggle to the big screen, Page revealed to Time the one gripe she has with tackling an LGBTQ role. “I have a hard time when people call actors brave [for playing LGBTQ characters],” Page told the magazine. “I don’t really get that, because our job is to read something on a page.”

The Juno star, who came out on Valentine’s Day last year, went on to say that doing so is “borderline offensive.”

“I’m never going to be considered brave for playing a straight person, and nor should I be,” Page said. “Honestly, if I played gay characters for the rest of my career, I’d be thrilled.”

Page added that she hopes Freeheld brings a shift in how moviegoers perceive minority storytelling.

“The whole reason to go to a film is to disappear into another world, and to have your humanity connect with someone else’s, who you might not ever meet in your life,” she told Time. “I’m hoping the shift is going to come really quick now.”

Freeheld will be released in select theaters Oct. 2.

For more from Page, head to Time.

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