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We’re finally back at Hester High with Karma, Amy, and the rest of the gang for season 2B of MTV’s Faking It. With new faces, lip locks, and secrets, this time around promises to be just as action-packed as fans could hope for.

EW chatted with showrunner Carter Covington ahead of the premiere to get the scoop on the new Karma-Amy-Liam dynamic, this season’s homage to The Breakfast Club, and the Karma and Amy kiss that is definitely not a fever dream.

Faking It returns Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Karma (Katie Stevens) is trying to move forward after finding out Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Amy (Rita Volk) slept together, but — as both Liam and Amy lied to her — that’s going to be hard, right?

CARTER COVINGTON: Karma will have trust issues and I think that becomes a new dynamic of her friendship with Amy because there has been this betrayal. We’re going to see them struggle with that but they share the same goal of getting back to their original friendship. So, that will be a slight issue. Amy definitely is going to come back wanting to make sure things with Karma are great. She’s excited to move passed this and get back to being best friends but that’s not easily done.

We saw with the [painful] jail scene in the last half that it’s going to hard for Karma and Amy to put everything aside to focus on their friendship. How do you will it effect the dynamic between Amy, Karma, and Liam? What does that look like now that everything’s out in the open?

I think it’s a fun, new twist where we’ve had these secrets between them for so long, so the three of them couldn’t exist in the same place — the audience knew that there was this secret between them. We actually start the first episode with Liam giving Karma and Amy a ride to school. It’s just funny to see the three of them in the same place together with all secrets out. How awkward that is and how uncomfortable it is — the sort of fun, new dynamics that exist. Because Karma’s got trust issues with Liam and Amy. We’re going to deal with how she feels with Liam and she wants to be with him but also doesn’t want to get hurt again. That’s really going to weigh on her relationship with Liam. Of course all of this will be really funny too — by the way [Laughs]. As I talk about it, I’m like, wait, our show sounds so depressing when I talk about it [Laughs]. But I think we’ve found really fun ways to make these really emotional journeys a lot of fun too.

One of my favorite characters, Lauren [Bailey De Young], has changed so much since the beginning. This upcoming half, she’s able to take her place as ruler of the school. How does that play out now that she can finally be the Queen Bee?

I’m so glad you asked me that because she’s one of my favorite characters too and I just love writing for her. What I think is interesting is that she’s getting everything she wants, but she’s getting it because of the fact that she’s intersex — something she hasn’t really come to terms with. We’re going to explore how that feels to be accepted for something that you don’t yet accept about yourself. She has a really nice arc this season around that, and all of our characters — it’s a challenge. We want them to grow but we don’t want them to lose what makes them, them. That’s the thing with Lauren. We want her to become more accepting of herself but, I never want her to stop being Lauren. She’s a real fun character.

The secrets between Lauren and Theo (Keith Powers) are out in the open. But how do those secrets continue to influence their relationship? That seems to be one of the themes for this half: Most everything is out in the open — what does the aftermath look like and how do we move forward from here?

Trust was a big theme for this season. Once you know that someone has been keeping a secret from you, how do you trust them again? And that’s especially true for Lauren. It was even more hard to learn this about Theo because she had shared with him that she was intersex and he was okay with it. When she thought she had shared her deepest secret it was like “Great!” Then to find out that, “Oh my gosh, what in my relationship has been a total lie?” It’s really hard for her. We’re going to pick up with her there.

We’ve seen in the trailer that they’re trying to make it work — keeping their own secret from everyone else. How does that play out?

It’s going to be challenging. It’s a fraught relationship because he’s a police officer, he’s 20 years old. He shouldn’t be dating a girl who’s 16, 17 [years old]. There’s not a lot going in favor of that relationship other than the fact that they really care about each other. We’re playing them as a bit of an impossible couple and how they try to negotiate all of the obstacles in their path.

What kind of struggles will Amy face with trying to figure out who exactly she is, because that’s been a huge struggle for her throughout. Will that continue? Will she find answers?

Very much so. I don’t in these ten she was get the concrete answers but she will keep moving forward in that sort of journey. She’s going to struggle with her relationship — one thing we haven’t addressed is that Reagan [Yvette Monreal] thinks that Amy — we know Reagan was hurt by her ex-girlfriend who went back to dating boys and that Amy has not shared with her yet that sometimes she’s attracted to guys. So that’s something that is an issue between them that we haven’t dealt with and that’s something we’re going explore what that means — that Amy hasn’t labeled herself and she hasn’t fully figured out who she is and can Reagan be with someone who is still on a journey even though she says she wants to be with her. We’re going to discuss it and look at it.

There appears to be a pool kiss between Amy and Karma in this half. Is that something that was for real or was it a fever dream?

You are the first person to ask me that and I will tell you: This teaser, it is for real. It did not happen in a dream.

Can you talk a little bit about the new characters popping up? Maybe a possible new love interest for Amy?

Well, we have Zita [Chloe Bridges]. Liam — after his deal with his father at the end of the last episode — has to work at Squirkle and he interns there with another intern named Zita. She’s similar to Liam in that she’s really wealthy. Her dad made her intern at Squirkle because she’d gotten into trouble, so he makes her take this internship. So, she doesn’t want to be there, just like Liam doesn’t want to be there. And they kind of bond. As Karma is trying to figure out when she and Liam are — and this new woman in Liam’s life is a complication. It’s hard for her to get her mind around. We also have a new character named Felix who is a new Hester student. I won’t spoil how — but he’s friends with Karma, and he and Amy share a sense of humor. He’s going to start to have Amy explore her attraction to guys that isn’t just physical like it was with Liam. He’s a little more intellectually attractive to him. That plays out a little bit later in this season — really fun. Great actor named Parker Mack — he’s like a young John Cusack. He’s really, really talented.

So, he has some sort of connection to Karma.

But it gets revealed in the premiere and it’s secret. [Laughs]

When it comes to Duke (Skyler Maxon) and Shane (Michael J. Willett), does that continue into this half? In some ways, Shane’s been finicky about the relationship because Duke wasn’t [in the past] willing to commit. Has he moved on or are they still a thing?

When we come back, Duke and Shane are very much in a honeymoon phase. Shane has gotten everything he’s wanted. He wanted to be with Duke, but Duke wasn’t comfortable being out with him. So, he outed him and instead of Duke’s career collapsing, he embraced it, said he loved Shane and has been actually embraced by his sport. Shane gets to be with Duke and Duke gets to be an MMA fighter and Shane thinks he avoided this nasty little detail that he’s the one who outed him. He’ll really struggle with his guilt. Luckily, on a show like Faking It, secrets always come out. At some point, it’ll come out and they’ll have to deal with that truth. But for right now, we’re playing with the fun that Shane has everything he wants, and also that they haven’t defined their relationship. Are they monogamous? Are they allowed to see other people? Shane’s a character that has never believed in monogamy, but now he’s with someone he really cares about. So, we have some really interesting relationship problems with them as well.

Will there be any cute Karma-Liam moments? They’re sort of getting back to it, but he could be hooking up with someone else. Is their relationship recoverable?

I’m very curious about this. I do think that Karma and Liam are very much in love, and Liam made a mistake. It’s not like he and Amy had a relationship, ya know? It was one time and he was really upset because he hates lying and she lied to him. We’ve tried to make it murky enough that we see Karma really wants to forgive him. If it had been any other girl, maybe she would be able to [forgive him]. But because it’s Amy, it’s so hard. It stirs up so many feelings in her because of that. That’s a challenging thing for them to get past — but they’re going to try to get past it and try to move forward.

Do you have a hilarious scene that you shot or something that sticks out in your mind that’s a favorite? It can be a more serious moment, too.

A couple things. I love in the second episode, we have a scene where Lauren, Amy, and Shane pretend to be cheerleaders at a rival high school. Which is really fun and we used a nationally cheerleading squad to come in and they got to play in this funny world. It was really fun. I’m also excited — the fifth episode we did an homage to The Breakfast Club. It’s an episode where all of the characters are together for a Saturday. I think it turned out really great, and I’m excited for fans for that. Then, there’s a finale moment — a scene between Karma and Amy in the finale of these ten episodes that I still — it still punches me in the gut when I watch it. It’s just a really good emotional ending to their journey this season. I won’t give away whether it’s positive or negative emotion but I’m really excited for the finale and for fans to see it.

Do you think it’s leaning more toward a Karma-Amy season or Karma-Liam? Who do you think fans will be rooting for? Will it be a little bit for everyone?

Hopefully all of the above. I think we really work hard here in the writers room to have fans root for every couple in some regard. We try to make it as complicated as possible. I think this season — I like to call it shaking the snow globe — we’re shaking it up even more so that it’s hard to know what you want to have happen or who you want to be with who. And you can see why it’s torture for everybody.

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