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Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about the previous week’s game play on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY I can’t help but wonder if they made the wrong decision keeping Steve. The jury could love him and give him a half-million if he lasts that long.

JULIE CHEN: I thought Vanessa’s gig was up this week but she won the all powerful POV! I am also a bit surprised Austin has lasted so long. And with zero strategy. He didn’t play a strong game this week by nominating Johnny Mac and the adorable, lovable Steve.

Maybe Austin isn’t such a knucklehead for making deals with everybody. What do you think?

Austin is unbelievably lucky. His deals with everybody in the house are being honored because no one sees him as a threat. He’s in Vanessa’s shadow. Also no one left in the house really has a clear-cut strategy.

When was the last time you and husband [and CBS CEO Corp. Chairman] Leslie Moonves had a spirited discussion about how someone is playing the game?

Hello??? Like the minutes after each live show and each competition, we talk about who is good, who is bad, who we like, who we are rooting for and why. Let’s just say my husband likes people with a backbone and bold moves.

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