Credit: WDBJ7

One day after WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were murdered on live television, the station held a moment of silence in their memory.

“It was yesterday, around this time, that we went live to Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward,” anchor Kim McBroom said while fighting back tears. She held hands with weatherman Leo Hirsbrunner and anchor Steve Grant. “As we approach that moment, we want to pause and reflect, and want to share with you once again what made these two so special, not just to us, but to all of our hometowns that WDBJ 7 serves. Please join us now in a moment of silence.”

Photos of Parker and Ward were then shown with “IN MEMORY” written on the screen. After the moment of silence was over, McBroom and the other WDBJ staffers were still holding hands. “This hurts us so much, as you can see,” she said. “But we will, with time — and the many blessings of our friends out there, all of you — heal from this.”

Watch the emotional tribute over at the WDBJ website.