By Devan Coggan
August 27, 2015 at 03:55 PM EDT
The Prop Store

Ever wanted to own an original stormtrooper helmet from The Empire Strikes Back? Or your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter, addressed to Mr. H. Potter, the Cupboard Under the Stairs? How about the dagger the Witch-King used to stab Frodo at Weathertop?

All this and more will be up for sale at Prop Store’s global auction on Sept. 23. The auction will feature props and costumes from more than 150 movies and TV shows, including Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Notebook, X-Men, and more.

There are dozens of Star Wars lots, including a stormtrooper blaster from A New Hope, and items from four decades of James Bond movies, including Pierce Brosnan’s prop gun from Tomorrow Never Dies and Christopher Lee’s revolver from The Man with the Golden Gun. (The revolver no longer works, but it’s the one Scaramanga used to shoot a cork off of a champagne bottle.)

Some of the big ticket items include Leonard Nimoy’s Spock costume from 1966, which is expected to go for about $77,000 to $108,000, and Christopher Reeve’s underwater tunic from the 1978 Superman, estimated worth between $38,000 to $46,000. The total catalog is estimated to be worth about $1.57 million.

Before the auction begins, all the lots will be exhibited for free in London from Sept. 9 to Sept. 22. Check out more auction images below of Scaramanga’s gun and Superman’s costume, and head to Prop Store for the full catalog. 

Prop Store

Prop Store

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