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The Original siblings might’ve done away with their parents — and that one evil aunt — but what happens when the tables are turned, and suddenly their children come to town?

That’s the premise of the third season of The Originals, when The Trinity comes to town. The Trinity, of course, is made up of the first vampire Klaus ever sired, the first vampire Elijah ever sired, and the first vampire Rebekah ever sired. Long story short, there’s a sire line war erupting and these vamps probably have a lot to say.

And when it comes to Klaus’ progeny, Lucien (played by Andrew Lees), things are, well, complicated. “We learned how to make vampires when my sire was created,” Joseph Morgan tells EW. “There’s definitely a bond there. We owe each other a lot.”

But despite the fact that Lucien’s arrival will feel a bit like an old friend coming to town, we can’t forget the fact that Klaus left this guy behind at some point … along with pretty much every other vampire he turned (other than Marcel). “There’s also this element that it’s not just the three of them but they’re in contact with a lot of the sire line for each of us so it’s like, ‘Hey, remember us? All those vampires that you turned who you’ve now abandoned? Well guess what, we’re not too happy about that and here’s why,'” Morgan says.

Speaking of the complicated relationship, EW has an exclusive first look at Klaus reuniting with his progeny, who’s described as a smart, charming, wildly successful guy who prides himself on being two steps ahead of everyone. Sound like anyone you know?

Lees will recur as Lucien when season 3 of The Originals premieres Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies star as Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson in this Vampire Dairies spin-off about the first family of vampires, their life in New Orleans, and the witches and werewolves who live there.

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