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August 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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When The Unauthorized O.C. Musical hits Los Angeles for one night only on Sunday, audience members are in for a trip down a highly dramatic memory lane. 

By setting the musical within the boundaries of the show’s pilot but incorporating music from all four seasons, co-creators Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin (Cruel Intentions: The Musical) are able to cover a lot of ground in one show. And yet, there’s not enough time in the world to touch on all of the memorable music moments from The O.C.

However, there is one moment in particular that the show promises to recreate, and that’s “Champagne Supernova” at the end of season 2’s “The Rainy Day Women.” We got Ross and Rosin to break down where in the musical the song would appear, and just exactly how it would play out on stage. 

“There’s a really fantastic scene in the pilot when Ryan and Seth are on the catameran and Seth’s explaining how he’s going to sail to Tahiti and that he plans on taking summer with him,” Ross tells EW. “It’s that key moment where you hear her name for the first time, her name is plastered on the side of his boat — The Summer Breeze — and we use that moment to use ‘Champagne Supernova’ in a way as Seth’s fantasy of being with Summer and what that could possibly be like. That’s the jumping-off point for where we bring the song into our world.”

And even though Seth (Brendan Robinson) and Summer (Greer Grammer) will be the two singing, the moment will include multiple characters. Taking into account that the musical is a staged show — meaning all the actors are on stage the entire time — Rosin had the idea to incorporate a few of the other moments that occurred at the end of the episode. 

“[Champagne Supernova] was used obviously during the iconic Spider-Man kiss but also there was a nice moment with Sandy and Kirsten and also Ryan and Marissa have a moment,” Rosin said. “So we are popping out of the pilot and re-enacting those moments from ‘The Rainy Day Women’ on stage with our characters all set to ‘Champagne Supernova’ and then the song will end and we’ll go back into the pilot.”

Superfans of the show will recognize what those “other” moments are: For Sandy and Kirsten it involves Sandy’s return from a stay with an ex, and for Ryan and Marissa, the two share a moment of friendship on the pier. For both moments, well, let’s just say there are two umbrellas currently on the musical’s prop list.

As for the Spider-Man kiss, there will be some changes: Robinson (Seth) won’t be suspended upside down, and because he’ll need to be singing into a wireless mic, he also won’t be wearing a Spider-Man mask. 

“We found a really cool way to do it and also maybe get some humor out of it too. I think it’ll get a laugh,” Ross said, adding, “There’s a part of Seth obviously that has always envisioned himself as some sort of superhero — first he was The Ironist in Atomic County and then he was Spider-Man. So [we] try to make an allusion to the fact that beneath his chest is the heart of a superhero. That’s kind of where we’re going with it.”

Rosin added, “It’s representative of the moment. You can’t do everything on a stage that you can do television, so we’re trying to represent it the best way possible and also take advantage of the things you can do on a stage that you can’t do on television. So in some ways the theater limits us and in other ways we think it opens a million more possibilities of how to bring the show to life.”

Most importantly, Ross promises that the song “will take people back to that moment where you heard it for the first time.”

Speaking of that moment, relive it below:

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