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August 27, 2015 at 02:48 PM EDT

The Princess Bride first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 1987 — and it’s making a comeback this year as the subject of Jason Reitman’s next Live Read, where actors recite scripts from beloved movies like Ghostbusters and The Breakfast Club. 

The Princess Bride premiered at the festival in 1987 and has captured audiences’ imaginations ever since,” the festival’s artistic director, Cameron Bailey, said in a statement. “To have this title return on the occassion of our 40th festival, and be re-explored by a contemporary cast, is pure magic.”

Reitman — whose most recent Live Read included Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender reading The Big Lebowski — will reveal the cast on Twitter in the days before the event, which will take place Sept. 12. (The festival itself runs from Sept. 10 to 20.) This will mark his third time bringing the series to TIFF: He previously staged readings of Boogie Nights in 2013 and American Beauty in 2014. 

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