By Kelly Connolly
August 27, 2015 at 06:08 PM EDT

Caitlyn Jenner is “in the sisterhood,” but she’s stil learning what that means.

In a new clip from Sunday’s episode of I Am Cait, Jenner sits down with friend Jenny Boylan to talk about how she expects to be seen by men. When Jenner expresses interest in being “treated like a normal woman,” Boylan — a professor of English at Barnard College of Columbia University and a national co-chair of GLAAD — presses her to consider what she means by “normal.”

“So, you know what, Caitlyn Jenner? You are a normal woman,” Boylan says. “Right now, today. A man is not … You don’t need a man to make you a woman. A woman can make you a woman. I think it’s a thing that women do: we look to men to give us self-worth.” 

Check out the clip to see Boylan’s eloquent conclusion.

I Am Cait airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on E! 

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