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Friends took its final bow more than a decade ago, with each member of the crew bidding farewell to that iconic apartment. But a fan’s reimagining of the finale, which has been making the rounds on the Internet this week, presents a much darker conclusion to the beloved sitcom.

Twitter user @strnks put forth a new ending, surrounding the character of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), saying, “All 10 seasons were merely her fevered imagination, projecting herself into the lives of the others. All she ever wanted was … Friends.”

Here’s the account in full:

This isn’t the only reenvisioning of a Friends‘ storyline to circulate on the Internet recently. Earlier this month, a fan on Reddit, ojcoolj, suggested Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was a lot smarter than he may have appeared, and he manipulated his friends in order to get what he wanted (in this case, it was pancakes).

Another theory — which Reddit user smokingcage posted to the platform last week — revolved around Ross (David Schwimmer), proposing he’d lost custody of his son, Ben (Cole Sprouse), which is why he seemingly disappeared in the later seasons of the sitcom.

But, no matter what potentially heartbreaking theories pop up next, at least we’ll always have “Smelly Cat,” right?

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