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Devil's Bargain

Ever since season 5 of Supernatural ended with Lucifer falling into the cage, fans have been waiting for the possible return of one of the series’ greatest villains. And yet, there’s one return they’ve been waiting for even longer. In fact, it’s less of a return and more of an arrival: God.

Of course, many fans believe that Chuck — played by Rob Benedict — is the big man upstairs, but he’s yet to make a definitive appearance as such. But thanks to the arrival of the Darkness in the show’s upcoming eleventh season, there’s a possibility fans could get what they’ve been waiting for.

Because the Darkness is a pre-Biblical entity that God fought off many, many, many years ago, there’s a good chance the brothers will need God’s help to figure out how to defeat it. There’s also the chance that they’ll have to turn to Lucifer. Basically, at this point, nothing’s off limits.

“I think [the Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up,” Jared Padalecki said. “We’re certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn’t make it into the Bible.”

And while we know that this could mean that Sam and Dean might have to turn to Metatron, even Metatron’s knowledge isn’t a match for God. As Padalecki put it, “Since we know God’s a scribe, we may have to invite him along for the ride.”

So … who’s ready for a road trip?

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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Devil's Bargain

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