By Samantha Highfill
August 26, 2015 at 09:04 PM EDT
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In The O.C. series finale, the Cohens might’ve relocated to Berkeley after their beloved McMansion was damaged in an earthquake, but that won’t stop fans from remembering the Cohen house as the private community home that hosted countless parties, at least four Chrismakkuhs, and one heart attack.

And now, someone should probably alert The Newport Group, because the real house that was used to shoot the exteriors of the Cohen house on the hit Fox show is for sale … and it only costs $6.25 million, so basically, anyone could buy it!

But be warned, it might look like the Cohen home from the outside, but that’s about where the similarities end. First of all, the actual house is located in Malibu as opposed to Newport Beach, and though it does have a pool in the back, it’s not an infinity pool. Also, there’s no pool house, which is highly unacceptable. 


And for those of you wondering just how many rooms we never saw in the Cohen household, here’s your answer: This 6,376 square foot Italian villa has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms (because rich people always need more showers than beds). It sits on four acres of park lands — but then where’s the Cooper residence? — and features a chef’s kitchen, which nobody needs because you always order Thai food. Also unnecessary? A library. We all know Seth prefers video games to reading. 

So really, we just have one small favor to ask: Whoever buys this house, please do the right thing and add a poolhouse (and then adopt an attractive young man from the wrong side of the tracks and change his life forever). Thanks!


Head here for more photos of the Cohen McMansion — and to place your bids.

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