By Shirley Li
August 26, 2015 at 07:58 PM EDT
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The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik ignited an online firestorm this week when she told Fox 411 that being religiously observant was “not trendy” in Hollywood. After a barrage of both supportive and negative emails, tweets, and even a trending topic on Facebook, the actress took to her site to explain her views further.

“They asked me if I felt weird to be observant in a secular world and I basically said no, it’s not that weird,” wrote Bialik, who practices Judaism. “I mean, a lot of people are secular in a lot of arenas, and religious/observant people usually figure it out for the most part unscathed!”

“It’s never going to be some trend that being religiously observant is the hip and happening thing to be,” she continued. “And that’s ok!”

To clarify her point and answer inquiries she’s received on what it’s like “being religious in the world of science,” Bialik also added three points to her post: that she uses the Torah as a moral teaching and not as “a science book,” that religion isn’t all about making things “divine” or “about God,” and that her “appreciation for science adds to [her] religious faith and vice versa.” In other words, she’s not rejecting either, and her statement to Fox had simply been an observation of the prevalence of religiosity in the world of Hollywood.

Her full post can be found here.

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