By Oliver Gettell
August 26, 2015 at 11:08 PM EDT

Move over, Dumbledore. Hogwarts’ beloved headmaster and his wand-waving colleagues have been one-upped by an Oklahoma City schoolteacher who’s turned her classroom into a Harry Potter-inspired wonderland.

Stephanie Stephens, a special education teacher at James L. Capps Middle School, is fast becoming a muggle hero after her husband posted photos of her handiwork on Reddit.

Her wizarding-world upgrades include a door done up like Platform 9 3/4, a faux fireplace with letters bursting forth, a shelf full of potions, a prefect’s desk, and a “shred box” guarded by a stuffed version of the three-headed canine Fluffy.

“Books are magic,” Stephens said in a video interview with local news station KFOR. “You can learn anything in books and just be in a different location anytime, anywhere.”

See more of Stephens’ classroom photos on Imgur, and watch the KFOR video below.

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