Darlene Love’s greatest claim to fame has always been the Phil Spector-produced “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” which she used to sing every year on Letterman. That might change with her new album comes out. Titled Introducing Darlene Love, it looks ready to re-introduce the R&B singer in all her historic glory. The first single, “Forbidden Nights,” does a good job of that, pairing powerful vocals from Love with sweeping orchestral instrumentation.

The music video for “Forbidden Nights” is a whole lot of fun too, as Love takes a beachside drive to Asbury Park, New Jersey, and encounters a slew of celebrity friends and musicians. The E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt, who produced the album, shows up as a beach bum playfully strangling Bruce Springsteen, while Bill Murray asks for (and is denied) a hitchhike. Elvis Costello and Joan Jett show up too, plus a final fun cameo from Letterman himself, now bearded and clearly enjoying his retirement.