In director Corin Hardy‘s Sundance-screened debut movie The Hallow, a conservationist played by Joseph Mawle (The Heart of the Sea) moves to rural Ireland and unwittingly disturbs a horde of demonic forces in a secluded forest.

“I’m a big genre fan and I want to make movies with a fresh approach to monsters,” Hardy told EW earlier this year. “As much as I love vampires and werewolves and all the rest, I was looking at monsters that we haven’t seen as much. I decided I wanted to do a fairytale, but grounded in reality — a non-magical version.”

The Hallow costars Bojana Novakovic, Michael McElhatton, and Michael Smiley. The film will be released on all digital platforms and VOD, Nov. 5, and the debuts in cinemas the next day. You can exclusively see the ominous new poster for The Hallow and the movie’s international trailer below.