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What would a science-fiction film directed by Quentin Tarantino look like? We’re asking, because while the two-time Oscar winner discussed the possibility of tackling the genre in an interview with New York Magazine, he offered precious few details beyond the idea.

“I’m not really interested in doing a sci-fi film, but there’s one thing in particular that I would be interested in,” Tarantino told Lane Brown in outtakes from the pair’s interview in the latest issue of New York. “I can’t tell you what it is, though, because I would literally be telling you exactly what it is. And then I wouldn’t be able to do it, because everyone would talk about it, because it is one thing in particular. It might be science-fiction, but it wouldn’t involve spaceships.”

If Tarantino’s aversion to UFOs sounds familiar, it’s because the director has given that qualification before when talking about the potential project.

“If you had asked me a few years ago [about my interest in doing sci-fi film] I would have said: ‘Nah, not really, I don’t know,'” Tarantino said at Comic-Con in 2014. “But I have a little idea right now. It’s a little flower, you know, like a bean sprout, but those tend to grow into stalks. So this is the first time I’ll be able to say ‘maybe.’ It won’t be a spaceship sci-fi, it’ll be Earthbound.”

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