Credit: carrie_rachel/Instagram

Portland is already weird, but it’s about to get more metal.

Carrie Brownstein of IFC’s Portlandia shared an Instagram photo Tuesday of herself, costar Fred Armisen, and Glenn Danzig on a beach. “Summer Goths. With Danzig. Dreams (nightmares?) do come true. #portlandia,” the caption reads.

The musical connection to both Brownstein and Armisen is strong, as the former is part of the acclaimed Sleater-Kinney, while the latter leads Seth Meyers’ band on Late Night. Over a decade ago, Sleater-Kinney covered Danzig’s signature song, “Mother.”

Armisen and Brownstein actually filmed a clip for Paper in 2009 where they apparently kicked it outside of Danzig’s house.

Portlandia‘s sixth season is likely due in 2016.

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