"Each album so far has had its own look, its own feel, its own sound..."

After over three years without a new studio album, Carrie Underwood returns with a new record this fall, Storyteller. Despite being a chart-topping staple for a decade, she admits she still has some pre-release jitters.

“This is the longest time I’ve taken between studio albums,” Underwood tells EW. “I’ve been listening to some of these songs for two years and to still be excited about them is great but then it’s like ‘Oh my gosh, is everybody else going to like it?’ I’m more nervous now that I’ve taken time.”

But if the reaction to Storyteller‘s lead single “Smoke Break” is any indication, longtime fans will be thrilled with the new album.

“Never have I heard a new single on the radio the day it was released…until today!” Underwood tweeted Thursday. “Woo hoooo!!! I think it’s a good sign!”

She released the video for “Smoke Break” four days later, which features the laid-back vibe Underwood promises from all 13 new tracks. “I feel like [Storyteller] is just really relatable,” she says. “There’s going to be a lot of songs on the album that people can listen to and be like ‘I totally get what you’re trying to say.'”

Underwood also showcases the album’s easygoing attitude in Storyteller‘s cover, which EW is excited to debut:


“Each album so far has had its own look, its own feel, its own sound, Underwood says, “and this upcoming album is definitely no exception.”

Storyteller is due out Oct. 23.