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As it turns out, Tyler Posey wasn’t kidding when he said Teen Wolf’s season 5A would be Scott’s darkest yet. With his girlfriend nowhere to be seen, his best friend not talking to him — or rather, him not talking to his best friend — and his beta trying to kill him, it’s easy to see why Posey says Monday’s finale will see Scott at his lowest.

“He has no idea which was to turn. He doesn’t trust himself, and I love that,” Posey said. “I just love Scott being broken down because it’s so unlike him. So far, this is the lowest that we’ve seen him and I’ve only seen a couple of episodes from this next season and it carries on to the next season a little bit, but the finale is by far the lowest that we have ever seen Scott.

“It’s been one of my favorite things to play this season and throughout the entire series of Teen Wolf. I love bringing Scott down to this low point because it’s so heroic when he comes back, if he comes back, and it’s just really nice to see this strong leader broken down.”

But Scott won’t just be broken down emotionally. As fans have seen in promos for the finale, the supermoon causes Liam’s Hayden-related anger to get a little bit out of hand, resulting in what Posey says is one of the biggest fight scenes the show has ever done.

“[The] supermoon heightens your strength, your focus, your anger,” Posey said. “A lot of having to be a werewolf deals with animal instincts and sometimes that means killing, and the supermoon brings that out of us.”

And yet, thanks to Scott’s asthma, mixed with the fact that he doesn’t want to hurt Liam, it is possible that Scott could lose the fight with his beta. “Scott’s got his asthma problems, so he’s already taken down a notch,” Posey said. “[He] can’t fully get into the supermoon and have his powers dialed into to be a solid match for Liam.”

In other words, Scott and Liam won’t exactly be making up anytime soon. And sadly, the same can be said for Scott and Stiles. “There’s no time to try to make amends and to rebuild the relationship right now, so we’re going to have to save that for some other time,” he said. “This episode is just so jam-packed full of too much craziness that there’s no time to secure Scott and Stiles’ friendship right now. There’s too much other stuff to think about.”

With that in mind, there’s also no time for Kira to return in the finale. However, Posey doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. “I think [Scott] was relying on [Kira] too much. It was becoming an issue,” he said. “I think they needed to take a step back and so I think it’s better that Scott has one less thing to worry about, even though no matter what he’s worried about Kira.”

In other words, “We don’t hear anything from Kira for a little bit.”

As for how this finale compares to others Posey said, “It doesn’t really tie any loose ends together. There’s always a cliffhanger at the end of the finale but this finale, nothing is resolved. Everything’s up in the air. Scott’s not happy; no one’s really happy and it’s the first finale that we have where it carries on into the next season.”

To get a taste of the doom and gloom, we’ve got an exclusive clip from tonight’s finale:

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