By Samantha Highfill
Updated August 24, 2015 at 02:58 PM EDT
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For most of season 5, Teen Wolf has pitched the idea that the Dread Doctors are the big bad. And although they’re obviously bad, there’s been another villain lurking around Scott’s pack — Theo. Sure, he might not look as scary as the Doctors, but considering his proximity to Scott and company, he could definitely do some damage.

But what’s Theo’s story? How does a young teenager turn into a sociopathic wolf? Is he a sociopathic wolf? Whatever the case might be, star Cody Christian promises that Monday’s midseason finale will give fans the answers they’ve been waiting for. “We’re going to learn what his plan has been,” Christian said. “The audience has been aware of his deceptions from the very beginning, [and now] the characters within the show are going to learn what the audience has known the entire time in the finale, so we’re going to finally get some answers.”

And yes, Christian does realize that Theo seems like a bit of a sociopath. “Theo has a goal and because the audience doesn’t know what that goal his, his actions exemplify that of a sociopath,” he said. “I think it all kind of comes together [in the finale].”

With the truth, comes tension between Theo and Scott, and thanks to the supermoon, said tension is going to be a bit heightened. “The Dread Doctors’ plan has been to execute on the supermoon, so we’re going to find out that correlation and what it means to them and what it also means for the pack and what they’re going to be faced with,” Christian said, before adding, “[The supermoon] is going to intensify the effects that the supernatural feel from the moon, so obviously the Dread Doctors are planning to harness that.”

Christian couldn’t say whether Theo would be a part of season 5B, but he did say that if Theo moves forward in the story, his relationship with the Dread Doctors “will be touched.” However, the finale will also give some answers as to Theo’s association with the supernatural-obsessed docs.

At the end of the day, Theo has been playing what Christian called a “Beautiful Mind game” with everyone. “Everything that’s been happening, Theo had some involvement in,” he said.

And when it all comes to an end, well, according to Christian, “the way the finale ends, people are going to be losing their minds for the premiere episode of 5B.”

Find out for yourself when the Teen Wolf finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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