"This happened."

By Christian Holub
Updated August 24, 2015 at 08:34 PM EDT
Credit: instagram.com/thereallyrealelp

Every day brings us closer to Meow the Jewels, El-P’s cat-sound remix of last year’s Run the Jewels 2, but that might not even be the only Run the Jewels project in the works. Last night, El-P Instagrammed a shot of himself and Killer Mike in a studio with Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha and none other than Nas. All of them are making the fist-and-gun Run the Jewels logo. The only caption? “This happened.”

So … does this mean that Run the Jewels 3 is in the works, and that Nas is on it? The former seems almost definite. El-P has tweeted as much before, but unfortunately he’s also said it probably won’t be out this year. Since de la Rocha already contributed to the Run the Jewels 2 highlight “Close Your Eyes (and Count To Fuck),” there’s a solid chance he’ll be back for their next album. As for Nas … well, the prospect of the legendary rapper trading verses with Killer Mike should make any hip-hop head giddy.

The collaboration isn’t that far-fetched: Nas performed on stage with Run the Jewels at Northside Festival in June, and he co-founded the label Mass Appeal, which released Run the Jewels 2. The wait for Run the Jewels 3 just became unbearable.