By Kelly Connolly
Updated August 24, 2015 at 12:39 PM EDT
Credit: HBO

John Oliver is putting together a list of which presidential candidates you shouldn’t invite to your wedding.

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver addressed discrimination against the LGBT population, using the presidential race as a starting point. Some of the news was encouraging: In the recent Republican debate, multiple candidates declared that they would attend — or had already attended — a gay wedding. The answer even elicited cheers from the debate’s audience. But Oliver noted that even with the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, federal law still does not protect the LGBT community from other forms of discrimination, meaning that in many states, a person could be married one day and fired the next.

“The only possible reason you should be fired from your job after your wedding is if your theme were stolen office supplies,” Oliver exclaims.

And while laws protecting the LGBT community are scarce, laws in defense of religious freedom are on the rise. Oliver throws the spotlight on a baker who has refused to provide wedding cakes for same-sex ceremonies.

“The Constitution isn’t the star in Super Mario Bros.,” Oliver says.

There is good news: The baker lost his case, and there is an Equality Act currently in Congress that propses adding LGBT protections to acts like the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act. But of the bill’s 200+ co-sponsors, none are Republican. So, in typical reporterly fashion, Oliver reached out to every Presidential candidate to ask if they would support a federal law that prohibited descrimination. Only four candidates responded, one with a three-word email. Check out the video above to see who replied — and how lobsters are currently winning the race for recognition.

Credit: HBO

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