By Ian Goldstein
Updated August 22, 2015 at 01:57 PM EDT
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Tatiana Maslany is one of the most versatile actresses currently working on television, and the Orphan Black star recently garnered an overdue Emmy nomination for her role(s) on the show. But Maslany appeared on Friday night’s episode of the The Tonight Show and told host Jimmy Fallon how her prior snubs helped in the show’s popularity.

“People on Twitter freaked out [when you weren’t nominated] … you were trending,” Fallon told Maslany.

“Yeah, that was the best publicity our show ever got … now we’re screwed,” Maslany joked.

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Maslany also discussed the myriad characters she plays; she is nominated not for one character, but for six.

“You’re your own category,” Fallon said. “I want you to lose to yourself.”

Watch the clip below to see Maslany explain the concept of Orphan Black and how the hair, makeup, and different gestures help her remember which clone she’s playing.

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