By Nick Romano
August 22, 2015 at 03:02 PM EDT
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Want to relive the journey, the scope, the magic of Jurassic World, the third highest-grossing movie of all time? Now you can — in Lego form.

Thanks to the efforts of amateur stop-motion and fantasy video-makers Brotherhood Workshop, the entire 124-minute-long film has been cut down to 90 seconds and re-imagined with Legos. “Teens think dinosaurs are lame, so we’re making hybrids now,” exclaims Lego Bryce Dallas Howard.

Chris Pratt’s Lego Owen may not be “as cool as Star-Lord” — though, that’s up for debate — but he still knows how to rally the raptors and get the girl before the credits roll. Watch the video below.


The folks behind Brotherhood Workshop hope to one day use their talents to make feature films, but for now they’ll continue making viral hits. They were also hired by the Lego Group to make a “day in the life” video for Lego Jurassic World. If you care to find out how they work their stop-motion magic, check out their making-of video below.


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