August 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Pokémon videogame people have always wanted is headed to home consoles next year.

The popular game and TV franchise announced that Pokkén Tournament, which is currently an arcade game in Japan, will hit Wii U consoles in Spring 2016. It features 3-D models of your favorite monsters and, from the footage above, will not be turn-based like the handheld games or the Pokémon Stadium games.

Every Pokémon fan pined to be the very best — the best that ever was — by being able to control their Pokémon in their battles against adversaries instead of accidentally choosing “Leer” and waiting a turn. Now you can “Leer” in real time!

Also promising: In the new game, players aren’t confined to the side-to-side nature of arcade fighting games (like partial namesake, Tekken). They can roam around the set, circular arena. The only way this could get any better? Combine it with the standard role-playing game features. One can dream.

Get amped by watching the full trailer above and begin your guesses as to how Pikachu Libre figures into a gameplay mode. Read up on the game at the Pokémon site.

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