Credit: Jim Carrey

What good is having a Twitter account if you can’t use it with your friends? Actors Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey garnered attention recently for engaging in a back-and-forth that allowed them to poke fun at the popular characters they play.

Jackman started the friendly war by tweeting out a video impersonating Carrey, imitating his iconic Mask role through the popular Dubsmash app. Carrey’s response? An “in-house” cosplay of Jackman’s Wolverine, complete with utensils as claws and crazy hair.

Looks like Carrey’s above-and-beyond creativity won out over Jackman’s Dubsmash, as the X-Men actor conceded to his friend’s photo with a friendly show of surrender. Maybe Jackman should see about taking a page from Agent Carter star (and Dubsmash professional) Hayley Atwell and enlist his X-Men castmates if he wants to one-up Carrey in the future.

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