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The Unauthorized Full House Story

Before the house gets fuller, Tanner clan fans can get a closer look at the ’90s sitcom with Lifetime’sUnauthorized Full House Story, which explores what supposedly went down behind the scenes. “It’s a very fun and entertaining, and I think very affectionate, look at what a lot of the Lifetime audience grew up watching and loving,” producer Stephan Bulka tells EW. “There’s a lot of humor in the movie and a lot of things fans didn’t really know before. It’s really a love letter to the show.”

Bulka and the team behind Lifetime’s Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story dive into the Full House casts’ lives on and off set, starting with when the producers pitched the family sitcom to ABC, through the cast’s reunion at Candace Cameron Bure’s wedding two years after the show’s cancellation.

Though the original cast and crew weren’t consulted during the making of the docu-movie (the writers and producers pulled from online articles and interviews with the cast), Bulka thinks fans will like with what they see. “We made a decision to do the movie based on what was available to the public,” he says. “We thought, let’s just make the movie we want to make and hope that the actors like it as much as we do.”

And Bulka assures the Story‘s accuracy: “Everything in the movie happened. It really is the story.” The movie already received validation when John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, confirmed earlier this month that he really did want to fire the Olsen twins.

One thing Full House lovers won’t recognize — besides some of the not-quite lookalikes cast in the film (e.g., Joey) — are the episodes portrayed in the Unauthorized Story. “For the most part, they’re little mini-episodes we created for the movie,” Bulka says. “In the scenes you see, little snippets will feel very familiar because they’re very much in the style and tone of the original show.” For example, when the TV movie tackles the series’ finale, “it’s an episode dealing with DJ’s prom that was somewhat inspired by the actual episode,” Bulka says.

Overall, the producer believes the movie will give fans a newfound respect for the show’s actors, while invoking a sense of nostalgia. “They’ll learn things they didn’t know about some of the pressures and the strains the show put on the personal life of the actors,” Bulka says. “It was a very happy set for the most part. When times were difficult in heir lives — divorces, deaths in the family — they were really there for each other. While we’re very honest about the conflicts and the strains the show put on their lives, we’re really honest about the love.”

The Unauthorized Full House Story airs Saturday on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET.

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The Unauthorized Full House Story
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