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August 21, 2015 at 03:58 PM EDT

Instagram star and comedian @TheFatJew (offline name: Josh Ostrovsky), who signed with the high-profile talent firm CAA earlier last week thanks to the popularity of his posts, has been hit with a barrage of complaints accusing him of stealing jokes and failing to credit original authors for what he uploads to his account. With accusations of joke theft (many from comedians) hitting him left and right on the web, Ostrovsky defended himself in an interview with Vulture that’s illuminating — but perhaps not the way he intended.

Sure, Ostrovsky tells Vulture’s Jesse David Fox that he’ll give credit from now on (he encourages people to email if they spot a stolen joke), but his other ideas about the Internet and his own fame are, well, something else. Ahead, we pulled some of the social-media comedian’s (not that he considers himself one) best quotes, out of context:

1. “Like Ben Parker, Spider-Man’s uncle, said, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.'”

2. I love the Internet more than I love any member of my actual biological family.”

3. “I’m a curator. I’m at the forefront of what’s cool and what’s hot and what’s funny… I like to think I’m a trusted voice of pop culture, and that people understand that this is a mix of things.”

4. “I’m sort of a Renaissance man of pop culture. There are elements of comedy, but that is not the genesis of what I am. I’m a satirist. I’m a commentator. I’m a performance artist. I’m an idiot.”

5. “I’ve been sitting in hot tubs of guacamole for years.” 

6. “You have to understand that the Internet is like this giant Jacuzzi of insanity, and it’s just filled with so much stuff. I would never take someone’s name off something.”

7. “That was a joke I’d heard. I heard it, and it was funny, and I wrote it down.”

8. “I’m very on the cutting-edge of the Internet. I’m up on the newest sh– first. So, if I didn’t realize all this about attribution and sources, there are probably other people who also don’t. I’d like to set that standard.”

Read the full interview over at Vulture

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