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Big Brother

Every week, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about what’s happening in the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Another one bites the dust, Julie. What was Becky’s fatal flaw that got her kicked out of this game?

JULIE CHEN: Becky’s fatal flaw was she didn’t play the game! She was too honest and not political enough. She got a little drunk with power when she became HOH and she failed to take the temperature of the room. She thought it was a dictatorship when in reality it was still a democratic vote that would determine who goes and who stays.

Is Austin setting himself up for failure by aligning himself with twins? He has to know they would never pick him over each other, right? Or is he just blinded by puppy love?

Puh-leeze … he is SO blinded by puppy love. He doesn’t even care about winning the game. He just cares about getting to Jury House or ANY house alone with Liz. He is smitten!

We’ve seen some fierce gameplay this season, but not as many of the screaming matches of past years. Why do you think this year’s cast has been able to play hard but for the most part avoid the personal attacks of previous years?

I don’t think we’ve have the screaming matches like in seasons past because this year we don’t have a clear-cut beautiful people/cool kids clique and a clear-cut “nerd herd,” if you will. Having two opposing sides like that confined in a house lends itself to a tense situation where something’s got to give. This year’s group of houseguests is more normal or average, if you will. You probably didn’t feel one way or another about these people in high cchool.

We are all eagerly anticipating the return of the Zingbot next week, but I have to wonder: Has the Zingbot ever tried to zing you, Julie, or is that a designated zing-free zone?

Zingbot’s no dummy. He knows where his bread is buttered. He wouldn’t dare zing me cause he knows Chenbot will cut him down.

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