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She made a bold move. She refused to make a deal. And then it all came back to haunt her. Becky Burgess was the latest person to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday night, but we caught up with the 26-year-old retail manager from Denver on her way to the jury house and had her answer a few questions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You said “I’m confident in my people skills” and that would keep you in the house, but then you did not get a single vote to stay. What went wrong?

BECKY BURGESS: I made a big move the week prior while I was HOH and my target remained in the house. That made me vulnerable.

Did you campaign hard to stay and if so what was your pitch?

I did campaign. I said I never put Liz, Austin, or Julia on the block since they weren’t threats to me and that if I stayed in the house, Vanessa and I would go after one another so again, more time for them to be safe. Also, that I had never won a Veto. I was just trying to say I was less of a well-rounded competitor and more of just a physical competitor.

What was your biggest mistake in this game?

I would say assuming Vanessa would go home when people said they would vote her out. I took their word for it and they switched it up.

Do you regret gunning for Vanessa and not even pretending to take a deal even if you didn’t plan on keeping it?

I don’t regret not making a deal because she will use it against you, as ammunition. However, I wish I would have pretended that she was a pawn and left it to the house to decide.

What was the hardest thing about living in that house?

It wasn’t that bad. I guess the fact that you don’t know what’s going on in the outside world was pretty hard.

Which of these contestants would you actually hang out with outside of the house?

Jackie, Jason, and Meg.

A lot can change before all is said and done, but who do you think has played the best game so far?

I think Steve, because he plays like Ian. He is independent and understands the social game without having to play and be a part of it. He knows how to play around it. He is also more capable than he lets on.

Give me your pitch for why you deserve to return to the game.

I’m somebody that’s willing to make bold moves and also has that competitive edge to do well in the final three.

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