Credit: Gene Page/AMC

With his movie Air in select theaters and available now on iTunes, The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus decided to host a Q&A on Twitter in order to promote the project.

Given Reedus’ status as a fan favorite on one of the most-tweeted shows on television, it’s no surprise that #AskNorman began trending almost immediately after the Q&A started up.

The actor answered such burning as, “Do you like Game of Thrones?” (he does), “What did you have for breakfast today?” (“Haven’t had breakfast yet”), and, “NORMAN DO YOU LIKE TO USE BOTH HANDS LIKE BAUER DOES WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF?????” (“ahhahhahhaha”).

Ahead are some of the most fun, interesting, and perfectly Reedus highlights from the Q&A:

On a sidenote, if you really want Reedus’ attention it appears the best way to do that is to claim that you’re putting off going to school until he notices you. Stay in school, kids — your fave says so.

Finally, we highly recommend lurking the accounts of the chosen ones whose questions were answered — the hysterical reactions are pretty cute.

Was your question answered by Reedus? What would you ask him, given the chance? Sound off below.

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