"I don't know that I could have put more of my heart into that vocal."

Canadian synth-pop band Metric is set to release their next album Pagans In Vegas on Sept. 18, and the group has already debuted three songs from the collection. Now, EW is excited to premiere the band’s glitchy, dance track, “Fortunes.”

Like the previously released “The Shade,” “Cascades,” and “Too Bad, So Sad,” it’s a dark, spacey synth-pop song elevated by a roaring chorus and vocalist Emily Haines’ emotional range. She hops between bitterness and elation with ease.

“It’s kind of intense to look back on the writing of it,” Haines tells EW, “because it was a pretty heavy time in New York where I remember going through this thing of a lot of people leaving. Everybody was moving to L.A., and the people staying were wondering why are we staying If they were leaving, why are we leaving? It’s just a sense of the larger awareness of how do you know when it’s the end of a chapter.”

With lyrics like, “Stay to soften the blow, hand over fist, to drink and to smoke, my blood from a stone,” it’s easy to see the connection. “I found writing it was from a place of anxiety, and the sense that it was too late to leave and searching for the community or the culture or the scene that you’re part of wherever you live. Is it finite? Is it over and you didn’t notice? Is it there and you’re not in it?”

That anxiety and confusion about the future bled into her performance. “The song is pretty emotionally intense. I don’t know that I could have put more of my heart into that vocal.”

Check out “Fortunes.”