By Will Robinson
Updated August 20, 2015 at 09:00 PM EDT
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Fans catching Juanes live recently have been in for surprise performances of new songs. That happened again Tuesday night at the U.N.’s #ShareHumanity event celebrating World Humanitarian Day, and EW is excited to debut video footage from the show.

Before performing, the Latin singer said a few words about his new composition, which does not have a title. He detailed the old process and chain of command of sharing songs, and reflected on changed times of music sharing. “I wrote a song three days ago,” he told the crowd. “I knew I was going to come here, and I was thinking just to do something special.”

The song isn’t as dance-y or high-energy as the 43-year-old’s other cuts, but he does throw in a guitar solo in the middle before heading to the bridge, in English, ushering the audience to sing along: “This world just needs more love.”

Juanes appeared at May’s Sunset Music Festival and joined Gervais on stage to debut an EDM-heavy cut called “Este Amor.”

Watch the performance below.

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