Credit: Eliza Morse

In the new, making-of-a-psychopath film The Boy (out in select theaters and on VOD), Rainn Wilson is a mysterious drifter whose befriending of a child (Jared Breeze) at a remote motel has calamitous consequences.

Although the movie fits into the horror genre better than any other, this tale from director Craig Macneill and his cowriter Craig McLeod Chapman is far removed from your standard slasher flick or supernatural yarn. As Wilson recently told EW, “It’s one of those films that’s a slow burn. So, audiences looking for cats jumping out of cupboards and people with knives running at them in 3D in the first five minutes of the movie — this is not that film.”

You can see Wilson, David Morse, and Bill Sage (We Are What We Are) in an exclusive clip from The Boy, above.