They've got the stamp of approval from Jack White and Alabama Shakes.

By Madison Vain
Updated August 18, 2015 at 03:17 PM EDT

With their blend of latin rock, cumbia, Brazilian Tropicalia, and lavish ’60s psych groove, Chicano Batman have established themselves as a genre of one. They caught the eye of Jack White and spent some time with him on the road, wrapping before both acts headed to the desert for Coachella 2015, and Alabama Shakes, who they’re currently on the road with.

Today, EW is pleased to premiere “Black Lipstick,” the group’s first new material since winter 2014, when they released their second album, Cycles of Existential Rhyme. Lead singer Bardo Martinez introduced the easy-rolling tune and said, “‘Black Lipstick’ is a song about someone who gives up her individuality in order to fit in. It alludes to how we all shape our social behaviour in order to get ahead in this capitalist society.”

Making refreshing use of an organ and with a sexy swing, “Black Lipstick” is streaming below.