Romance is in the air.
Credit: Disney/Pixar

Toy Story 4 is still two years away from release — the Pixar release is set to arrive on June 16, 2017 — but more details have emerged about the film’s plot, straight from the mouth of director John Lasseter.

“It’s something we’ve never done with Toy Story before. It’s a love story with Woody and — and this is news — Bo Peep,” Lasseter, Disney’s chief creative officer, told CNBC ahead of this year’s D23 fan expo.

That Toy Story 4 would have elements of a romance is something that has been known for a while. Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, best known together as the writing duo behind the indie romance Celeste and Jesse Forever, were part of the initial brain trust behind the story. Earlier this year, Pixar president Jim Morris said that the new film would “be a love story” and called the project a “romantic comedy.” “It will not put much focus on the interaction between the characters and children,” Morris said.

Bo Peep had a key role in the first two Toy Story films, but was only briefly seen in Toy Story 3 (the toy was apparently given away between the second and third films). The character was voiced by Annie Potts in the first two Toy Story features; Tom Hanks has voiced Woody three times thus far.

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