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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

What’s in the future for Stefan and Caroline on The Vampire Diaries? — juustshipping

In order to get a piece of scoop for every Vampire Diaries fan — not just the Steroline ’shippers — I played a little game of Lightning Round with executive producer Julie Plec, in which she gave me a tease for each character. Here we go! Stefan: “Putting back on the hero hair.” Damon: “Trying to deal.” Bonnie: “Trying to help Damon deal.” Caroline: “Lots of surprises in store.” Matt: “Doing his best to protect and serve.” Alaric: “Drinking.” Enzo: “Trying to find where he fits.” Lily: “Trying to hold her family together.” Tyler: “Gone. Missing. You will not only get a hint [of where he is] very early in the season, but you might even see his smiling face.”

Any FitzSimmons spoilers for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. please? — ditchthel

You won’t have to wait very long to find out what happened to Simmons. However, you might not be happy about what Chloe Bennet told me in regards to the search for their missing team member. “There’s been such a big time gap, so one of the main focuses is that some of the characters have almost — not given up, but have been like, ‘We’ve tried everything,'” Bennet says, noting that Fitz will still hold the candle of hope: “Fitz is that one person who’s like, ‘Not everything!'”

Great casting for Deeks’ mom on NCIS: LA. Any scoop on their relationship? — Mikey

The dynamic between Deeks and his mother is really going to shed light on why Deeks is the way he is. “It’s a really interesting reflection on why Deeks chose to work for Hetty and why he fell in love with Kensi,” Eric Christian Olsen tells me. “His mom represents a really strong female role model in his life. His mom has a blue collar job and worked her ass off to give her son the opportunities that she obviously didn’t have. He loves her. He knows what strength is because of her. That dynamic is going to be explored through her and now we see why he fell for the people he did in his life.”

Do you have any scoop on Heroes Reborn? — June

This is just a theory, but the more I hear about Kiki Sukezane’s character Miko, the more I think she’s Hiro’s daughter — yes, it’s only been five years, but he’s a time traveler, so what if she’s his daughter from the future? “I’m not going to answer that question, but it’s an interesting theory,” EP Tim Kring told me when I pressed him on her identity. “His sword is in her possession somehow and that’s one of the threads we’re going to follow. She’s searching for her father. You will know the answer to that question in the very first episode.”

Any scoop on Japril since we now know she did re-enlist on Grey’s Anatomy? — Ashley

The decision on whether the couple can survive this is still up in the air, according to Shonda Rhimes. “They are in a difficult spot now,” she tells me. “April’s really changed and she’s really done this thing that’s not necessarily the best thing for their marriage and Jackson’s not happy about it. Does that mean it’s over? And does she accept that it’s over? Because this is a lighter season, we found funny ways to tell what’s a very emotional story — more of a charming way to tell an emotional story, but it is still emotional and they are still figuring it out. April is fighting for things to be better. I honestly haven’t decided how it’s going to turn out. I love them together, so we’ll see.”

Has Voight gone good on Chicago P.D.? — Alisha

Not completely, and the show will be sure to make light of his dark side early in the season to facilitate a storyline that takes center stage later. “Down the road, a convict gets out of prison that he put away, in his mind, justifiably,” EP Matt Olmstead teases. “The reason this guy gets out of prison is there’s a little bit of a glitch in what was reported back then years and years ago because he was dealing with, ironically, Lindsay and her mom. It really shows what kind of cop Voight was back then. His past is paraded in front of him, whether he likes it or not.”

If Barbara is over at Arkham, what’s going on with Jim Gordon when Gotham returns? — Kyle

He’ll be trying to navigate his new position with the GCPD and his relationship with Leslie in the wake Barbara’s meltdown. “Jim has been demoted so he’s dealing with some stuff,” Morena Baccarin teases. For her part, Leslie is “a little rattled with what happened with the whole Barbara situation. They’re trying to stay steady. It’s good right now, but it seems like there might be some trouble ahead.”

Anything Criminal Minds? — Steven

One of the big arcs of the season is ripped from the headlines of the takedown of the darknet black market Silk Road. “It’s about a sort of Silk Road/hitman-for-hire storyline,” executive producer Erica Messer tells me. “Now that Silk Road’s been dismantled, the bad guys are still out there even if they don’t have Silk Road to be their organization. We’re picking up those pieces of what happens when you kill the head of a monster? Another one grows.”

Why the heck does Gabriel kidnap Kono and Adam in the Hawaii Five-0 premiere?! — Emma

In short, because he’s a sociopath. “Gabriel was stripped of everything and he’s trying to rebuild everything,” says EP Peter Lenkov. “It’s not a personal thing like WoFat was with McGarrett. It’s all about his power, wealth and position.” Suffice it to say, Kono and Adam “have the worst first night of their honeymoon that anyone can ever have,” he adds.

Is Nostradamus returning next season on Reign? — Sheri

As exciting as it was to see Nostradamus in the season 2 finale, he’s not coming back for good. “He will be in the series intermittently, but he’s still really pissed at Catherine, so I don’t think he really feels a great desire to be under her thumb again,” showrunner Laurie McCarthy says, adding that he’s “a visitor to court.” However, Queen Elizabeth herself, Rachel Skarsten, revealed to my colleague Samantha Highfill that there will be a surprise return to French court. (And no, it’s not Condé.)

Best news I’ve heard all week: Tina Fey and Mike Schur will have comedies on NBC again. All is right in the world.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

•Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill.

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